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What the Famous World Renown Actor, William Forsythe has to say about Author Barry E. Boschelli, and his book: Johnny and Me.

First of all let me say that I absolutely loved Barry Boschelli's book Johnny and Me. It is a sensitive, honest and moving portrayal of his time with John Wayne Gacy.

I first discovered Barry on A&E special about Gacy. After weeks of deep contemplation I just accepted the part of Gacy in an upcoming film entitled Dear Mr. Gacy. From the second I saw and heard Barry speak a chill ran through me. I saw a kind and sensitive man who's words expressed the sadness and sorrow of a person who had been violated. To know a monster before he became one, to be the best childhood friend of someone who would later murder 33 young men, maybe more. To have been almost a victim himself and to live with all of this, your whole life must be devastating. I was so moved I felt that I had to speak to him. He seemed the key to me understanding who John really was and where it all went wrong.

Anyway, I took a shot and reached out to Barry through an email address I found on his website for his book Johnny and Me. To my surprise and excitement he called me immediately. It would be an understatement to say that he was helpful. Barry Boschelli in a matter of only a few hours generously gave me invaluable insight into the JOHNNY that few know anything about. Johnny the prankster, the boy scout, the choir boy who sang the solo to Oh Holy Night. The badly abused child who told Barry that one day he would be famous and be somebody important.

I will forever be grateful to Barry for sharing his intimate experiences and his unique perspective of John Wayne Gacy, the boy, the man, the clown. The friend that Barry grew up with. I recommend to anyone who has interest in this subject, to read JOHNNY AND ME. It will fascinate you while it scares you into realization that we truly can never be sure what really goes on inside the mind of anyone. Thank you Barry Boschelli and God bless.

Your friend,
William Forsythe